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  • balance your energy
  • take back your time

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Hi!! I'm Feelo

I’m a virtual assistant for online entrepreneurs who want to make the step towards running your business with confidence, peace of mind and trusted help!

Imagine being able to finally let go of the anxiety around doing everything by yourself.

As your virtual assistant, I’ll be there to take those day-to-day, behind-the-scenes admin and tech tasks off your hands.

It’s time for you to run your business with ease, hit your biggest goals, and build a trusted support team.

Ready to balance your energy?

Let me help! ✨

How can i help?

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Hourly Support

Maximize your time and focus on what really matters. Hourly support ensures that your daily tasks are taken care of, so you can focus on your priorities.

Inbox and Calendar Management

Make space in your business and life by having a trusted assistant manage your inbox, organize your most important messages, and reply to emails in a timely and professional manner.

Pinterest Management/Set-up/Refresh

The top visual search engine! I work creating a SEO profile to generate traffic to your website with great visuals and branding fit for your business.

A la Carte services

Stop hesitating opening your emails and imagine not having to worry about what’s in your inbox, having someone reply in a timely manner and sorting through everything while you work through your day. 

Client Love Notes

Feelo is one of the most trustworthy, reliable and hard-working people that I know. Building a team and outsourcing tasks can be scary, but Feelo helps ease the strain. I trust her fully to handle the important tasks, so that I can spend my time doing what I love. I never worry about what needs to get done because I know with full certainty that she's got my back.
Dreamworthy Design
I appreciate having Feelo part of my team so much! I have so much more free time now and have much better moods at home because of this. Having someone around that I can trust with my business is invaluable to me. It feels like magic when I open up our communication for the day and see things done, having her part of my team has helped me in so many ways.
Justine Haveland
The Wela Company
Can't say enough wonderful things about Filomena, she has been there to support my business needs whether it be managing my ever-growing pile of emails, helping me create promotional marketing items to attract clients, or showing me valuable tools that help make my online operations run smoother. She is trustworthy and just like myself, she is a get-it-done type of gal. I love that she is tech-savvy and a very quick learner, it helps that she is also super organized.
Andrew N.
Director and Clinician of Here Ear Audiology Inc.
I had the pleasure of using Feelo's email management service and WOW. The weight that I've felt lifted off of me by having the organization I desperately needed, but didn't know how to do myself has been beyond helpful for me. I feel a lot less anxiety and stress from even thinking about my inbox, let alone dealing with the task of creating my own system. She knew exactly how to put into structure what I needed to help with my productivity and overwhelm. Her service was super fast, included me at every step and I really just felt like I could trust her with all of my personal information. For anyone like me that struggles with inbox anxiety, or organization in general- I would definitely recommend having a consultation with Feelo. She is truly the sweetest and most genuine person and I am super happy with the service I received
Presley @presleyinpink
Creative Entrepreneur + Network Marketing Mentor

These are some of the love notes I’ve received working with clients. It warms my heart when I’m able to help my client feel better about their business and allowing space for themselves to breathe outside of work! I work so much harder knowing my clients appreciate my work just as much as I appreciate having them as clients – we’re a TEAM!

Check out some of the love notes I have received from wonderful clients


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