About Me


I’m excited you’re curious to find out more about me! My name is Feelo and I’ve been a virtual assistant for 3+ years working for online entrepreneurs and it’s been such a pleasant experience! I tend to work with clients who want to protect and balance their energies because these are things that are very important to me (I will respect your boundaries!).  I am a long-term VA but am open to one time projects, I want to be part of your team and be passionate about your business just as much as you are!

Some fun facts about me:

➡️ I am an INFJ, enneagram 2w3 and projector in human design (can you tell I like personality quizzes? I love learning about people)

➡️ I went to an art school, I love playing around with colour and have a creative soul. I am also a professional makeup artist and instructor “in real life”

➡️ I love food, I’m a big foodie. I will probably talk about food. 🍕

➡️ I can speak a little Italian, Japanese, Korean and minimal Spanish and French. I love learning languages!

➡️ I have a black cat named Milo, he’s a sweetie. I love animals! (I encourage animal memes)

➡️ I am into astrology and “woo” a.k.a I like crystals, tarot readings and spirituality.

Core Values

Authentic Support

I genuinely enjoy helping people and want you and your business to succeed. I strive to deliver quality work because I care!


I respect the work I do and the work given. I put a lot of heart and strive to give my best efforts when completing work. I also think it’s important to respect your boundaries (and my own)!

Open Communication

I value clarity and transparency. I won’t embellish and be honest with you. I appreciate safe environments for feedback and communication both ways.


Balance is key for me! I work hard and require space for downtime. I respect my client’s hours and boundaries to allow you time and space for life outside of work as well.

I’m your ideal client if…


✨ You’re looking for someone who is reliable and trustworthy

✨ You are looking for an experienced VA (3+ years working for online entrepreneurs)

✨ You’re looking for a tech-savvy VA who is a bit of a unicorn (and open to learning new things)

✨ You’re looking for a VA who is able to communicate compassionately (and has studied Nonviolent Communication methods)

✨ Being in a ET timezone is important to you

Does this sound like an energetically good fit for you?